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zWill Colleges and Universities be Open in Fall 2020?

Student Success

There is a lot of speculation as summer nears about the Fall 2020 college term. Will colleges and universities be open? What will the on campus experience look like if they are open.

For many colleges and universities, this is the highest enrollment term and there is a lot at stake for students and institutions.

The NCAA has said no college sports this fall if there if colleges don’t reopen. Yeah, I think that makes obvious sense. The challenge is, if college campuses open again this fall, will their continue to be restrictions in place on large gatherings, and if so, will these restrictions affect college sports and other campus activities, including classes?

According to NCAA president Mark Emmert, many colleges will make decisions about sports this June or early July. As the pandemic continues, understanding the if and whens of what life will be like in coming months continues to be complicated and uncertain.

What we can be certain about, is that the rush to reopen college campuses is a complex issue facing today’s academic leaders.