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The Best Internet Marketing Team Ever Assembled

Student Success

What if you could work on the Best Internet Marketing Team Ever Assembled.  I mean the team that you’ve always dreamed of.  What would that look like?

I imagine it would need to have all the basics of an average company, benefits, holidays, vacations that type of thing.  It would probably also need to have the things that make other companies great, like profit sharing, bonuses, paid trainings, raises, and those sorts of things.  The people would need to be cool, like easy to get along with, even people you would hang out with, etc.  The team would need to have good computers, not like 1 monitor computers, but real powerful high-performance machines with 2 or more large 24″ monitors.  Maybe you would even have free gym passes for your family, and free pass of all passes for your family.  I think all these things would need to happen on day 1.

The team characteristics would and skill sets would need to be really good.  Not just really good, but the best.  The team would need to distinguish itself by providing better results than any other company.  They would need to have the best technology to manage clients – efficient, reliable, and innovative.  The team would need to have the best strategies for Facebook, Google Search, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Analytics, Mobile and other Social strategies.  They would the best technology, maybe even their own intellectual property to measure every marketing activity with a return on investment, for all clients, and be so accurate they can get every marketing channel ROI down to the dollar.

What would it be like to work on the Best Internet Marketing Team Ever Assembled.

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