Michael Eagar – SEO Consulting

Michael Eagar is an SEO Consultant that provides everything you would expect from a top SEO team, except that Michael provides MUCH MUCH MORE!

Let’s look at the differences…

Michael becomes part of your team:

  1. 100% committed to your success (in a real sense, I will show you things about your business you have never seen before)
  2. Executes the latest and greatest SEO strategies (I am not only attending the best forums and conferences, I am speaking at them)
  3. Provides extremely efficient and organized services (No one can match my efficiency when it comes to SEO.  I optimize every aspect to SEO)
  4. Delivers the Best Quality and Best Price (I will go head to head with your existing SEO provider and you will see the results for yourself)
Here are some of Michael’s SEO extras you won’t see from your current SEO provider:
  1. Global, National and Local trends in your industry to identify your top market opportunities
  2. Global, National and Local keyword trends from 2004 to present
  3. Conversion analysis that identifies dozens of conversion funnels your business currently uses and identifies conversion funnels you may have never seen before (Is your SEO guy Google Analytics and Conversion Optimization certified?)
  4. Full conversion analysis of all your competitors to identify which sales/conversion funnels they are currently using
  5. Full competition analysis identifying customer demographics and your competition’s footprint online
  6. Full competitor tracking of all social media, search, and mobile activity
  7. Executive Dashboard reporting to show how your SEO campaign integrates with your sales, and all of your marketing efforts (PPC, email marketing, Facebook Marketing, offline marketing, etc.  – I track all of it for you in one Executive Dashboard)
Start making money from your SEO campaign now.  Michael’s SEO is profitable SEO.