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One Great Leader is Better than One Good Team

Student Success

There is a lot to say about a good teams and everything that they accomplish.  I have been fortunate enough to be part of many good teams (some dysfunctional ones also).  And there is also a lot to say about great individuals too.  Recently I read an article, and I agreed with its conclusion that One Great Leader is Better than One Good Team!

This principle applies in the business environments I have worked in.  During the past 10 years I have been involved with several small (4-5 person companies) and medium (100-400 person companies) sized companies.  In some cases there was a great leader and a good team and the contribution from the great leader was always greater than the good team.  So what about good teams?  What about the synergies and efficiencies that occur with good teams?  Doesn’t the sum of the whole in a team outweigh the sum of the individual?

I am obviously pro-team.  Ask anyone from OrangeSoda that worked with me and they would tell you that I am pro-team.  Team building is a vital part of building a successful company.  But in terms of intelligent contribution, a superstar great leader will create more value than a good team.  Individual contribution can go a long way.  I think the motive of every person should involve being really good at something.  They should do something that sets them apart, that creates value, that makes others want to be involved with them.

Become an expert and you create value

Create value and share it with others

Sharing value will earn trust

Earning trust will create leadership

Become a great leader and you provide great value