Michael Eagar creates value in the companies and projects he involves himself with.  A budding entrepreneur as a youth, Michael started or worked for 18 companies before the age of 19.  Michael earned money in many different ways as a teenager including selling concessions in the local city park, to selling gum as a seventh grader, to hosting the first non college sponsored dance at the UVU McKay Events Center as a college student.  In college Michael focused more on internet related businesses including buying and selling college books, selling items on Ebay, and dabbled in eCommerce.  His focus on internet entrepreneurship started at this point in college.

Michael has always been a self-starter, and determined to do things his way.  True to doing this by himself, Michael managed the sales, operations, finances and advertising for all of this entrepreneur experiences throughout his teens and college experience.  Michaels interest in entrepreneurship was re-ignited in one of his courses in college where Paul Allen and Rick Farr taught a unique course on Business Formation.  Michael focused on being involved in startups rather than a corporate route after graduation from that point on.  Later Michael was introduced to Greg Warnock and participated in his Junto program in Spring of 2004.  Michael found several similarities in and learned from Greg’s unique approach to entrepreneurship during the Junto program.

In 2005 Michael formed Utah Labs, which started as an internet research company, seo tools and seo services provider.  In 2006 Michael became CEO for My Princess Pearls.  In 2007 Michael became CEO for US Family Tree.  In 2008 Michael started as SEO director for OrangeSoda, an online marketing company.  Michael worked for OrangeSoda from 2008 to 2011 being promoted to VP of Fulfillment to eventually Chief Operating Officer of the company.  Michael enjoyed every minute of building the team and success at OrangeSoda during those years.  In early 2011 Michael left OrangeSoda to solidify his education and training programs and founded Eagar University, a hands on approach to online marketing education and certification.

Today, Michael provides SEO consulting services to businesses that have an online focus.  Michael helps clients get more sales and customers using the best online marketing strategies from his years of successfully managing online marketing campaigns.