Internet Entrepreneurs: Making Waves

An Internet entrepreneur doesn’t ride the waves of business. He makes waves. He drives innovation to new heights and creates value enjoyed by consumers across the globe.

As technology advances at an accelerated rate and the Internet becomes a critical factor in almost every successful business model, the need for Internet entrepreneurs also increases. Entrepreneurs look to the future and anticipate the sweeping changes and inevitable challenges technology will cause. Without the revolutionary thinking of tech-savvy entrepreneurs, many of our modern conveniences simply wouldn’t be available.

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur Michael Eagar

As a preeminent Internet entrepreneur, Michael Eagar provides vital SEO and analytics consulting to businesses, helping them refine their online focus.

Michael uses the latest online marketing techniques to help his clients amass more customers and sales. These techniques and strategies, gleaned from his success with thousands of online marketing campaigns, have proven successful in helping other Internet entrepreneurs to deliver their unique products and services to a wider audience.

Track Record of Success

Through the years, Michael has tried his hand at a variety of Internet businesses, giving him a range of experience to draw from:

Orange Soda (2008-2011)

As SEO Director and later Chief Operations Officer, Michael Eagar worked to help OrangeSoda become the Internet marketing powerhouse it is today.

Eagar University (2011)

Michael Eagar, as founder and CEO, created Eagar U to train students and employees in how to successfully manage online marketing campaigns. Eagar U graduates have gone on to work at some of the leading marketing agencies throughout the U.S. The university’s training consists of a beneficial combination of theory and hands-on experience.

US Family Tree (2007)

Michael helmed this descendancy genealogy research company as CEO. US Family Tree’s research capabilities spanned from the early 1800s to the early 1900s and led the way in performing U.S. descendancy research.

My Princess Pearls (2006)

As CEO, Michael headed this company that dedicated itself to changing lives through the making of beautiful jewelry, hand-crafted by women in Southeast Asia.

Utah Labs (2005)

Michael founded this company and led it as CEO. Utah Labs specializes in online marketing strategies as well as outsourcing strategies. In today’s competitive market, successful businesses must find solutions that include both quality and an affordable cost. Utah Labs helps companies accomplish this by using the best marketing and outsourcing strategies. Initially working with a focus on developing Internet research and SEO tools, Utah Labs went on to provide companies with winning strategies. It was Utah Labs that established Michael’s as a bona fide Internet entrepreneur.

Connect with an Entrepreneur in Internet Marketing

As an Internet entrepreneur and a pioneer in Internet business consulting, Michael brings a solid record of hard-won successes and matchless experience to any endeavor. As an Internet business leader, his goal is to help propel businesses to new competitive heights. Request a free analysis from him today.