As an Internet Entrepreneur, today Michael provides SEO Consulting to businesses with an online focus.  Michael helps his clients get more sales and customers using the best online marketing strategies from his successes managing 1000s of online marketing campaigns.

Sprint Marketing
CEO (2012-present) of Sprint Marketing a company that increases web leads for sales teams.

COO & SEO Director (2008-2011) of OrangeSoda a company that helps locally focused businesses succeed online.

Eagar University
CEO/Founder (2011) of Eagar University, formerly SEO Training Book (2007-2010), an organization that trains employees and students how to run and manage successful online marketing campaigns.  Their graduates work at some of the top marketing agencies and companies throughout Utah and beyond.  Their training consists of a healthy mix of some theory and a whole lot of hands on experience.

CEO (2007) of US Family Tree a company that focuses on descendancy genealogy research.  Their research capabilities span from the early 1800s in the U.S. to the early 1900s, pioneering the process of performing U.S. descendancy research.  US Family Tree provides research services that connect families with the same surnames.

My Princess Pearls
CEO (2006) of My Princess Pearls a company that is dedicated to changing lives by through the making of beautiful jewelry made created from women in Southeast Asia.

Utah Labs
CEO/Founder (2005) of Utah Labs a company that focuses on online marketing strategies and outsourcing strategies.  Today’s economy demands that successful business find inexpensive quality solutions to their problems.  Utah Labs helps companies make the transition to using the best marketing and outsourcing strategies.  Utah Labs has transformed from developing internet research and SEO tools to providing companies with the strategies they need to succeed.  Utah Labs propelled Michael as a successful Internet Entrepreneur.