Michael Eagar – Speaker Summary

Mr. Eagar is the founder of Young Entrepreneurs (2006), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young men and women realize their dreams through the path of entrepreneurship. Discovering talents at an early age creates a greater ability to navigate the world of opportunities and chose the paths that are most rewarding. Execution is an often underestimated activity that many young entrepreneurs have difficulty understanding. Michael teaches his students that in order to learn entrepreneurship you need to do entrepreneurship.

An Internet Entrepreneur, Mr. Eagars’ endeavors led to the creation of Utah Labs (2005), an internet business incubator that has created dozens of online businesses and several online research tools.

Mr. Eagar has a lifetime of entrepreneur experience, from selling thousands of dollars in chewing gum as a seventh grader to hosting thousands of students in large multi-college dances as a college student, to creating and leading several business ventures. Each entrepreneur experience has created valuable lessons for Mr. Eagar in creativity, leadership, and execution.

Today, in addition to providing vision for Utah Labs, Michael advises businesses on their internet business strategies.

Mr. Eagar is based in Utah, USA. To book a speech or workshop, please email service (at) utahlabs.com

Most Requested Speeches:

  • Becoming an Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur – the Skill Sets Needed
  • Is the Philippines the Next India? – Working Internationally as an Employer or Employee
  • How to be a Leader Now, Today!

Most Requested Workshops:

  • Internet Marketing 101: Understanding the Basics of Internet Marketing
  • Internet Marketing Intermediate: Email strategy, Lead strategy, Social Media strategy, PPC and SEO
  • Internet Marketing Advanced: Analytics, hands-on training
  • Online Business Models: Which business model is right for you?
  • Search Engine Optimization 101: Understanding the Basics of SEO
  • Search Engine Optimization Intermediate: Keyword strategy, Website & Webpage Strategy, Linking strategy, and Executing SEO
  • Discovering Online Market Opportunities and Business Strategies
  • Defining your Online Customer
  • Developing your Online Marketing Plan
  • Building your Online Team
  • Funding your Online Venture
  • Protecting your Online Business
  • Launching your Online Business