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zCourse Hacks During Covid-19 Coronavirus

Student Success

Many students are struggling during the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

They’re feeling more isolated, more frustrated and seek stability and encouragement.

You can provide just what students need.

As an instructor, there are a few key things (hacks) you CAN do to help your students succeed in their online course. Whether they started out in-class or online, these successful course hacks will help your online students stay on track.

Motivational Quotes

“Motivational quotes sent from an instructor to students has been shown to affect student satisfaction in online course” (Eagar, 2019, Rios, Elliott, & Mandernach, 2018).

Send motivational quotes to students that relate to their assignments. Pro Tip: Use social media to make it more personal.

Student Experience

View your course as a student views it to discover opportunities for improvement. Pro Tip: Focus on improving the areas that feel uncomfortable, difficult, or clunky.

Success Habits

Encourage students to form routines that will help them focus. Example: Take a 5 min. break to walk around for every 50 minutes of study.

Tech Savvy

Take time to practice getting familiar with the new technology you need to learn. Pro Tip: Be intentional, deliberate and schedule your practice time in your calendar.

Student Reminders

Create more clarity for students by reminding them of key things. Pro Tip: Remind students of course guidelines, instructions, assignment details, and dates.

Personalized Feedback

Use “personalized” feedback on assignments. Pro Tip: Put feedback on assignments in-line instead of at the top or bottom of the assignment.

Learning Journey

Encourage students to see their learning as a journey. Example: “How will this new challenge prepare you for greater learning?”

Demonstrate Confidence

Successful course hacks during COVID-19

Be positive. don’t complain to students about your technology, situation, or support. Example: “How is everyone feeling today?”